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Due to the constant change in supply charges we are not able to post prices.  Please call for current prices.

2022 Pricing

We are currently a minimum of 1 1/2 to 2 years turn around at this time.  Aside from European and Horn placs.

The Supply Companies and Tanneries are having shortages and staffing issues.  Therefore we can not predict or guarantee our turn around times.  The shut down of the Tanneries moved our turn around times  by a full extra year.  The delay in the supply chain has not helped us make any headway on our turn around times.

please contact for more prices.

Shipping and Crating is extra and will be determined at the time of shipping.  Crating is due at the time of shipping and freight will be due at your end.  We assume no responsiblity for damage during shipping. If you would like to arrange your own shipping we are happy to give you suggestions.  High Country Taxidermy is not resposiblle for loss due to fire theft or vandalism.  Prices subject to change. 4% sales tax added work.  All credit card transactions have a 3.25% charge back based on the amount processed.